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With the development and expansion of methods of expression and decoration through digital technology, the conventional "print production.

The trend of shrinking karma itself is inevitable. However, screen printing.The special printing technology that is the main focus is not limited to the framework of "printing", but "pattern coating.By having a wide range of effectiveness as a "g technology", there is still a lot of research and development.It is expected to leave room for it. On the other hand, screen printing allows for free expression.As one of the techniques that can be brought, it is also recognized to have a high level of artistry.

We, the Japan Screen Printing Materials and Equipment Manufacturers Association, are engaged in screen printing and related to screen printing and related materials. Focusing on consumable materials such as inks related to a series of special printing technologies, and printing equipment. It is a group of companies that handle equipment. In our industrial association, the above features are available in many cities. In order to make use of it in the field, we actively provide training opportunities and exchange friendships among members. In this way, we will contribute to the development of each member company and the development of screen printing. We aim to disseminate information that contributes to the exhibition.

We would like to ask for the tremendous support of all parties concerned.

Apr, 2023
The Japan Association of Screen Printing Suppliers
Chairman : Kazuro Nagase

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